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Age Spot & Brown Spot Removal
Procedure Candidate
Women/Men, any age with pigmented lesions on their face, hands, trunk, or extremity. The pigmented lesions must be benign in nature and include age spots, sunspots, benign flat moles, and tattoos.

Expected Results
Charming Skin Med Spa has lasers and Intense pulsed light/radiofrequency systems can fade brown spots, aging spots, sun spots and some tattoos. Brown, age and sun spots will often go away after just two or three laser treatments and will resolve more gradually with pulsed light.

age spot removal

brown spot removal chicago
Description of Procedure
The procedure is performed as a simple office visit and often takes only a few minutes. Simple brown, age and sun spots will require no freezing cream, however, larger tattoos might require the doctor to apply a freezing cream prior to the treatment. After your treatment you can return immediately to normal activities. Pulsed light leaves the brown spot darker and makeup can be applied immediately. The lesion usually fades over 3 - 6 weeks. Laser treatment leaves a small crust where your brown spot used to be and this is covered with an ointment and adhesive bandage until it falls off after 7- 10 days. The light emitted by lasers or pulsed light is absorbed by the pigment in the brown spots and tattoo. The light energy then breaks the pigment up into many tiny pieces that fall off with the crust 7 10 days after treatment. Further pigment is resorbed by your immune system over the next 6 weeks. If your brown, aging, sunspot or tattoo requires another treatment, these can be easily done every 4-6 weeks until you have achieved the lightening effect you desire. Raised moles might need to be removed surgically.


Healing & Downtime
Pulsed Light requires no recovery. Immediately after laser treatment , the area turns white and swells slightly. The whiteness usually fades in 20 - 60 minutes, turns pink and forms a small crust or scab. Over the next several days, blisters might form and then a thin scab or crust might follow. The skin usually returns to normal in 7 - 10 days and after the crust falls off the pigment has faded. More fading occurs over the next 6 weeks

Other Options
Nonsurgical body reshape, or Lipolite.

Insurance Coverage
The removal of tattoos, age, sun & brown spots is considered cosmetic and therefore is not covered by insurance. The patient is responsible for payment. The cost of treatment varies with the size and number of pigmented lesions or tattoos

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